About Me.

Wade Carroll
Product/UI Designer. Graphic & Digital Marketing Designer.

This is where I tell all? I’m Wade Carroll, Bachelor of Design (Interdisciplinary Design) with a minor in Digital Media. I specialize in UX/UI Product Design, Interactive & Web, and all things Digital; also have a background in branding & print design with an infinite love for advertising. I strive to make things look good; to give visual meaning to nonsense. I thrive to be inspired by as much as possible, and hold true to the things that matter in a work/life balance. I love design. I’m inspired by branding & advertising strategies, design solutions on every medium – especially in product. A good font turns me on. Clients come first; and so do animals. Clients & animals. And wine. Ok: Clients, animals & wine…& typography.

17+ years I’ve been designing; 7 of those years in Product Design, covering UI & UX and all things digital. Observing user behavior and gathering patterns and feedback is the fundamental element that I crave when starting my design solutions. Understanding the ‘WHY’ behind every design decision is essential to my process, and diving deep to improve user journeys. Currently working as a UX/UI Product Designer for an outstanding company with an outstanding product. Important elements in my life are travelling, good food, patios, running, hiking & anything outdoors. Work/Life balance is extremely important for me; mental health while doing what you love to do matters so much. Also I’ve been known to act in film & stage; I’m out there if you look hard enough. Singer/songrwiter/musician with 20+ years classical training on piano.  

I’m on new music ventures and starting to release music & videos! Check them out! Available for streaming! Follow my instagram!

My #1 rule: every design situation has both problem & solution. It’s my job to help find that visual solution.

I strive to bring core design ethics and a collaborative approach to each project. In today’s fast paced world, there is a lack of enthusiasm. Lack of connection & direction; attention & care. My approach is to find simple creative solutions, working through the factors that challenge each project.

Promises: one on one development and implement strategical solutions that will truly make your project stand out. With strong attention to detail, I have passion and flexibility that aid in bringing ideas to life, through innovative solutions and design.